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August 8, 2005


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最近開始回憶一些基本的東西,例如OOP,找一個programmer問問,他一定知道OOP是什麼,就是Object Oriented Programming,台灣這邊叫做物件導向程式設計,但是,如果請他解釋一下OOP,他可能就會開始支支吾吾了…


物件導向(Object oriented)就是把現實世界中的物體或現象,以更接近自然的形式在電腦世界中反映出來。每一個物件都有屬於自己的屬性(Property)和方法(Method),屬性是物件特有的性質,物件與物件之間是藉由方法來傳遞訊息(Message),每一個物件藉由事件(Event)作出適當的反應為其處理程序。


Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a computer programming paradigm in which a software system is modeled as a set of objects that interact with each other.

另外,Inheritance of OOP by AAx Software & Programming Glossary

the current “latest & greatest” programming method. Structured programming taken to another level. The object of object oriented programming is to program well tested “objects” that can be used over and over in different programs without further testing. .




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