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January 28, 2005

Coppermine Photo Gallery Update

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心血來潮升級了CPG相簿系統,由原本的1.2.1 standalone升級到1.3.2 standalone,功能增強了許多,也多了一次上傳多張圖片的功能;之前安裝CPG整合PHPBB時,遇到許多挫折,後來找出的原因是因為cookie的因素,這次抱著忐忑的心升級它,希望別出什麼問題才好;以下是步驟:

1.backup cpg database
2.backup cpg www files , including albums
3.upload files of cpg 1.3.2 standalone , EXCEPT include/ albums/ anycontent.php
4.make sure every file are already CHMODed , maybe 755
5.reconfig bridge/
6.reconfig include/ , uncomment line below :

define('UDB_INTEGRATION', 'phpbb');

7.add a file named cpg_redir.php in phpbb main directory (new in cpg 1.3.2), and paste codes below:

8.use internet browser to open update.php of cpg main directory
9.check and see if anything goes wrong.
10.enjoy it !


CPG online manual


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